Facilities available to players

The Post 320 Stars have plenty of opportunities for players to improve their game and stay active all winter.


Our indoor facility is moving along and will be complete in the near future. It is a big time indoor facility. The baseball area is complete and being used in our offseason program. We have three indoor cages, four indoor mounds, an area to do hitting station work, an area where we can use the turf to work on  defensive aspects of the game, and of course if we need to we can slide all the nets back and use the whole turf area.


Along with the baseball area, we have weights, squat racks, and various other forms of training equipment to help our athletes develop physically. We also have a large projector screen and projector upstairs to watch video. We currently use the Right View Pro video analyzing system to record and evaluate our players, a huge must in the developing and teaching players the proper way to do things. We also have internet access in the building which opens up tons of instructional videos that the kids can watch. Once we finish out the upstairs locker room the building will be complete. What a huge blessing having an indoor area is. Our kids are able to train pretty much all year around and will not miss any workouts due to inclement weather. Another huge thanks goes out to Coach Brandt, Craig Johnson, Mark Howard and all of the others that have helped make this building become a reality.


The area businesses have been awesome as well in donating their time and materials. We are working on a special way to recognize everyone that stepped up and helped with this huge project. It truly has been a community wide effort and we are grateful.